Pantograph Price Estimator

Cost Estimate Detail


Quilting Charges

My quilting service charge is based on the size of your quilt in square inches and the complexity of the quilting pantograph you choose. Pantograph, Edge-to-Edge quilting comes in three cost tiers. Low density patterns are tier 1 and cost $0.018 per square inch, while high density patterns are tier 3 and cost $0.025 per square inch. The pantographs page shows the available patterns and tiers.

For example: length of 80 inches, by a width of 60 inches = 4800 square inches. So, the quilting charge for a tier 1 pantograph would be:

4800 X $0.018 = $86.40.

If you are interested in custom quilting, a consultation is required to determine the quilting charge.

Batting Charges

I can provide batting for you, and there will be a minimum charge for that depending on the size of your quilt. Alternatively, you can provide your own batting but we should talk about what kind of batting you need. I keep two colors of batting in stock:

  • Warm & Natural: Off-white, natural color, 100% cotton with scrim. Will shrink about 3% when washed the first time.
  • Warm & White: just like Warm & Natural, but a clean white color. For quilts with white fabrics.

Other types of batting can be ordered (as shown at right).

  • Quilter's Dream Natural Cotton (Select Loft): Softer drape with no scrim. It will shrink the same as any cotton batting. (also available in white)
  • Quilter's Dream Blend: 70% cotton, 30% polyester white batting. Less shrinkage than 100% cotton batting.
  • Quilter's Dream Wool: Wool batting that can be machine washed with no shrinkage. Light and high loft, exceptionally breathable and comfortable.
  • Quilter's Dream Polyester: 100% Polyester. Wrinkle resistant with no shrinkage. Available in white or black based on the materials in your quilt.
  • Quilter's Dream Angel: Lightweight engineered fibers are inherently flame retardant. No chemicals added.

I am happy to help you determine which batting is best for your quilt given your requirements and budget. Please call or email me with any questions.

Thread Charges

There is a minimal charge for thread, and that is based on the number of bobbins used during the quilting process. This varies depending on the size of your quilt and the density of the quilting. I charge $2.00 per bobbin, and most quilts require 3-6 bobbins. Since this is a material cost, a 6.75% NC sales tax also applies.

Binding Charges

Once the quilting is finished, the last step to completing the quilt is to bind the edges. I offer a binding service based on the perimeter measurement in inches. The traditional method of binding involves sewing the binding to the front by machine and then stitching it to the back by hand. I will apply the binding to the front for $0.05 per linear inch. I will sew it to the back by hand for and additional $0.20 per linear inch. A more economical option is sewing it on the back by machine, then attaching it to the front by machine. This charge is $0.15 per linear inch.