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My goal is to provide exceptional quality for a great price. The exact cost of your project depends on the services you require.

Longarm quilting charges depend on the size of your quilt, type of quilting (custom, pantograph), quilting pattern complexity, and any materials that must be purchased (batting, thread, etc.).

Please see my pricing page for additional details including a cost estimator for longarm quilting services.


After a Home Economics class in junior high, sewing became a source of enjoyment for me. Once out on my own, I made many decorating projects for my home and clothing for my family, but I was busy raising three children and working full time, so I couldn’t devote much time to quilting until they were up and out.. I have always loved quilts. I am so inspired by the imagination, craftsmanship and artistry of quilters. Going to a quilt show is one of my favorite things to do. I was the grateful recipient of my mom’s quilting endeavors for many years. My mother always shared her fabric “finds” with me, so excited about any new print or idea for a quilt. Because of her, I fell in love with fabric long before I began quilting.

I started quilting in 1997, and have made many quilts for myself and my family. It seems there are always a few in the works, bags of fabric for the next one, and the next! I have made some wall hangings, and quilted projects like handbags and pillows, but my favorites have always been full-sized bed quilts. Those large quilts required finding a longarm quilter to finish my projects so I could get started on the next one. Carrying it home from the quilter was such an exciting day, knowing I was just a few hours of binding away from a finished quilt! In the meantime, I have shared my love of quilting with my daughters and daughter-in-law and we now have sewing time together and shared projects.

The wall hangings I have made gave me a chance to do some machine quilting for myself, since they were small enough to try quilting on my domestic machine. I learned a lot about the process with those. Then grand-babies came along, and baby quilts were on the agenda. I machine quilted those as well, and started thinking more seriously about quilting with a longarm machine. I began researching machines and pondering the possibilities. I went to shows and tried out several machines, and over a period of time, I decided on a Millennium from APQS. The truck that brought it was so big that the neighbors thought I was moving out, and they all came out to see what was going on.

I have joined several guilds in the area, the Southern Wake Quilt Guild, the Capital Quilters Guild, and the Carolina Longarm Association. It’s like going to a quilt show every month. I have made many new friends and hope to be able to enjoy quilting long into retirement. I have experienced the process from a customer’s point of view, since I have previously hired longarm quilters to finish my big bed quilts. I understand your concerns and will work very hard to satisfy you. Please read the hints for preparing your quilt and call me to discuss what you have in mind for your quilt.